New York, the Crowdspacer: Jean Sylvain is with Joakim Bouaziz in the studio that gave its name to one of Joakim’s many imprints. They are with two other musicians: Christopher Bery (The Juan McLean, HolyGhost!, Yeasayer) on the drums and Ben Campbel (BigData) is playing the bass guitar. The purpose of this reunion is to put a finishing touch to Juveniles’ second LP. In 2016 the band is now fronted by its leader Jean Sylvain, embodying its name and concept with his Peter-Pan look.

Jean wants to see what happens when he places his electro pop sound, be it catchy and exuberant or intimate, in the hands of the innovative artist and brilliant jack of all trades that is Joakim. He’s sure that colaborating with this artist, whose musical background is a rich as it is diverse, switching from disco to heavy metal to African music, techno and acid house, will ensure that the production of his second album «Without Warning» will be as close as possible to what he intended.

They’ve both agreed on a production method, a blend of pre-digital traditional mixing and the comfort of computer-asisted techniques. The computer is merely a multi-track sampler, and the whole mix is done the analogueway, on the desk and with external hardware, with the end result being bounced to tape on an old 2-track. The idea behind the process is to look away from computer screens and have a more human approach to the mix.

After a flying start in late 2011 and the release just months later of their first EP «We Are Young» on Kitsuné, «Juveniles», the band’s Yuksek-produced debut album, was released in June 2013. Since then the band have traveled widely, staying true to their roots in Britany, a region known to have a certain passion and curiosity for connecting with the world outside France. This passion led them to tour in France and Europe, but also in China, South-East Asia and South America.

Today with this second Juveniles LP, we witness the evolution of a band, of an artist who’s more and more open to colaboration (Yuksek, Helen Feng, Joakim, Clarens, LeComte, Lenparot...) but also an evolution of his compositional process. Jean Sylvain has created a label (Paradis Rec.) with its own studio to which he invites people to work with him. And he has delivered an album on which his creative powers have been given full rein, the music radiating an elegance that listeners will want to luxuriate in.

JM Gatté